Versatile art supplies even starving artists can afford. | BlissMark

2022-03-12 03:14:46 By : Mr. James Shi

So much for art being a luxury. Appreciating art, it turns out—and creating it—isn’t all about pricey oil compositions and massive canvases. Making art with a few low-cost, innovative products can be just as gratifying as splurging on the finest materials. Creative expression, in other words, doesn’t necessarily have to come at a high price.

Case in point are the arty products, featured below, which remain accessible to both budding and experienced artists, kids and adults alike. Temporary markers, permanent acrylics, dry-erase chalk, and modestly sized canvases are—in the right hands—capable of yielding imaginative works, both long-lasting and fleeting.

If the word ‘art’ conjures up images of million dollar canvases, take a pause. Getting creative doesn’t always demand a canvas, nor does it necessitate a hefty paycheck. The opportunity to create beauty exists even in everyday, mundane tasks—making a sign, wrapping a package, sending a personal note—and its only requirement is a vivid imagination. As the accessibly priced products, featured above, illustrate, even starving artists no longer have an excuse to stop creating.

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